Where There's Hope

Where There’s Hope

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Built-in coaching and guidance

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Based on the goals you set, GenioFit uses that data to develop a plan and delivers customized guidance for physical activity and fitness, nutrition, mental well-being, and overall health and vitality

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    GenioFit determines the precise exercise intensity level to maximize physical and emotional well-being
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    There's NO guesswork with GenioFit... optimal fitness, nutrition and emotional wellness are at your fingertips!
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    There's no guessing what exercises to do... GenioFit gives you the exact routine to follow for optimal physical performance and health

Not just computer science. Human science.

GenioFit is different. Built on the life-work of Dr. Paul Arciero, a renowned expert in the field of health and wellness who’s bridged the gap between laboratory and “real world,” as reflected by published articles in far-reaching science peer-reviewed journals such as Obesity; American Journal of Preventive Medicine; American Journal of Physiology; and Journal of Applied Physiology to popular consumer magazines including The Wall Street Journal, Prevention Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Men’s Health and Time, and who’s also an accomplished athlete and coach. GenioFit is based upon his well-renowned “PRISE Protocol” and it’s underlying scientifically proven principals of “Protein Pacing” and Intermittent Fasting. You can read more about Protein Pacing by clicking here.


First, GenioFit learns. Then, GenioFit coaches.

GenioFit is simple, using a “set it and forget” approach. After you teach the app about you, answering a number of questions about your health and goals, GenioFit takes over. It becomes your personal, proactive guide to good nutrition, fitness and health. A health and fitness navigation system that takes all the guesswork out of what to do for optimal health, guiding you at each step of your day. So you don’t spend all your time tracking what you did. Instead, GenioFit helps you focus on the choices that come next.









Team GenioFit: The science to know. The story to tell.

GenioFit was built by people who know how to make science simple and sensible for everyone.

The science and coaching of GenioFit comes from Dr. Paul, who has developed wellness, nutrition and fitness training principles and practices that work for everyone from world-class athletes to working-class neighbors. GenioFit is built on the proven PRISE protocol that he pioneered – a proven approach to optimal emotional and physical performance that can be tailored to just about any lifestyle.

The friendly experience of using GenioFit is the work of John Wager, an award-winning filmmaker who engages audiences with master storytelling. His most recent feature documentary film, a funny and moving portrait of combat veterans who heal with humor (starring Zach Galifianakis and Lewis Black), is entitled “Comedy Warriors” and has been featured on Showtime and winner of the Television Academy Honors award.

GenioFit’s ability to adapt to your personal needs comes from Bob Mason’s decades of insight into how people are motivated to take action. As a longtime leader in market research and branding, Bob has worked for some of the world’s leading marketing firms to understand why people do what they do – and how to help them develop habits that stick. Most recently, his leadership at a leading healthcare communications agency produced breakthrough insights into how patients, caregivers, and doctors can better communicate about health.

All of that science, art, and knowledge is in the capable hands of Nick Arciero, a technology prodigy who made his mark by bringing the communications infrastructure of the Vatican into the digital age. Having solved technology and programming challenges for a variety of organizations, Nick now creates the technology that makes GenioFit so smart and simple. As his colleagues like to joke, if his work is good enough for God, it’s good enough for GenioFit.

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